1983 - 2003 Teaching Experience:


                                                                Photo by Becky Young


1994 - 2007    Selected Public & Private Mural Projects:


2007   “Positively 46th Street”; American Bandstand Tribute”, in The Enterprise Center, 46th and Market Sts, Sponsored by Mural Arts Program


2006   Mario Lanza Restoration, Mural Arts Program


2005   Landscape in Moonlight Restoration, Mural Arts Program


2004   Frank Rizzo Mural Restoration, Mural Arts Program


2003   Miles of Mules, James A. Michener Art Museum, Sponsor : Russell Byers Charter School


2002   Floating Blossoms Sky, 1039 So 6th, Sponsored by Philadelphia Mural Arts Program


     2001-02   South Street Police Mini-Station, 10th and South Sts. Sponsored by

                   Larry Dichter


2001   Meredith School Volunteer Mural, 5th and Fitzwater Sts. Sponsored by

          Moore College of Art and Design for “Philadelphia Cares Day”


2001   Russell Byers Charter School Tile Mural Design,  Sponsored by Laurada Byers


2000   The Procession of St Mary Magdalen Di Pazzi,  8th & Montrose Sts.

          Sponsored by Philadelphia Mural Arts Program  


2000   Mary Magdalen Mural Video Project, Sponsored by  WHYY TV 12 for the documentary “Mural” by Glen Holsten




1999   Frank Sinatra Tribute,  Broad & Wharton Sts. Sponsored by the Philadelphia Daily News and the Mural Arts Program


1999   Tropical Landscape,  2144 Arizona St. Sponsored by the PA Horticultural Society, New Kensington CDC, and the Mural Arts Program


1999   Ken Starr – ‘He’s Watching You’,  in the ‘Democrat’s Bathroom’ at the White Dog Café Philadelphia, Sponsored by Judy Wicks


1998   Womens Way 20th Anniversary Murals (4 walls) 21st & 22nd St. underpasses @ JFK Blvd. Sponsored by Diversified Search and the Mural Arts Program


1997   Mario Lanza, Broad & Reed Sts.  Sponsored by the Mario Lanza Institute and the Mural Arts Program


1997   Landscape in Moonlight,  Christian & 8th Sts. Sponsored by the   Philadelphia Benevolent Society and the Mural Arts Program


1997   Tot Lot, Volunteer Mural with senior citizen students, At the Nebinger Elementary School, 6th & Carpenter Sts.


1997   Morning Glory, Interior wall mural, 10th & Fitzwater Sts. Sponsored by Sam’s Morning Glory Diner.


1996   Landscape in Fishtown, Dauphin & Almond Sts. Sponsored by PA Horticultural Society and the Mural Arts Program.


1995   DiBruno House of Cheese, 9th & Montrose Sts.  Sponsored by DiBruno Bros.


1995     Frank Rizzo,   9th & Montrose Sts. Sponsored by the Philadelphia

            Anti-Graffiti NetworK













1977 - 2003    Selected Private Portrait Commissions:



          2003   Jane Hoffman, “Family Portrait”, Villanova, PA


2002   Technitrol, Inc. “Bart Harrison Tribute” Commemorative Portrait              

           Trevose, PA


          2001   Caroline Stewart Lacey, “Portrait of David & Jessie”, Philadelphia


          1999   Robert Spivak, “Helen, Sept. 1941”, Philadlephia


          1996   Valerie Black,  “Cameo Portrait”, Philadelphia


          1996   Patience Rage,  “Family Portrait”, Philadelphia


          1996   Neal Rogove, “Wedding Portrait”, Philadelphia


          1992   Cookie Clements, “Portraits of Lissa and Amy”, Elkridge, MD


1991   Connelly Family Portrait, “The Sisters”~ Josephine Mandeville, Judith DeLouvrier, Emily Riley, Christine Connelly, commissioned through Primarily Portraits


          1986   Honorable James Gardiner Colins, Official Portrait, Harrisburg


          1983   Dr. Britton Chance.  Official Portrait, University of Pennsylvania


1983   Wallace Family Portrait, commissioned through Harkus Krakow Gallery, Boston


          1982   Nila Aronow, “Portrait of 4 Daughters”, HaddonField, NJ


          1982   Fran & Randy Atkinson, “Portrait with Guido & Luigi”, St. Michaels, MD


          1980   Dr. Arthur Weeks, Official Portrait, Delaware Law School


          1977   Jessica Savitch, Savitch Estate, California









1982 - 2004    Selected Juried & Group Exhibitions: 



2004   The Philadelphia Sketch Club, 141st Annual Exhibition of Small Paintings


2004   Moore College of Art & Design, “Pink”, Juried Alumni Exhibition


          2002   Moore College of Art & Design, “Journeys”, Juried Alumni Exhibition,


          2001   Penn Charter School, Annual Juried Exhibition


          2001   Salon Des Amis, Malvern PA, Dumpster Diver Group Exhibition


2001   Moore College of Art & Design, “Meaning in the Mundane” Juried Alumni Exhibition


2000   The State Museum of PA, Harrisburg, “Art of the State” : Pennsylvania 2000,   Juried Exhibition


2000   Fleisher Art Memorial, “Wall Power”, Exhibition of Philadelphia Mural Art


          1998   DaVinci Art Alliance, “Little Gems” Two person show with Nick Vidnovic


          1998   PAFA Student Gallery, Mural Arts Exhibition


          1996   Third Street Gallery, Two person show with Isaiah Zagar


1995        Faculty Club, “Folio Exhibition”, U of P Dept of Fine Arts


1995   Levy Gallery for the Arts, “Face to Face”, Philadelphia


1988        Ariel Gallery, “Private Focus” , New York, New York


1986        Reading Public Museum, “Mother & Child”, Reading PA


1983        ICA @ U of P, “Works of the Faculty & Students of the Dept of Fine Arts”


1982   Suzanne Gross Gallery, Philadelphia, “Portraiture Today” and “Arrival    of Spring”
















2004             Distinguished Alumni Award,  Moore College of Art & Design


2000     Fellowship in Visual Arts/Painting, PA Council on the Arts









1983 - 2003   Teaching Experience:



2002- 2003    Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts:    

Instructor, Life Painting


Moore College of Art & Design:  

1999             Guest Speaker, “Women in the Year 2000 - Making a Living in Fine Art”


1984 - 1992   Instructor, Continuing Studies - Developed courses for adults in

                   Painting, Basic Drawing and Life Drawing


1988 - 1996   University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Fine Arts,

Department of Fine Arts: Lecturer in Undergraduate Painting &   Life          Drawing

1983                      Visiting Guest Critic, Graduate School of Fine Arts


1990 & 1994  University of the Arts:  

Guest Speaker & Critic in Graduate Education









1974 – 1988 Selected Solo Exhibitions:




1988   The Space, Philadelphia, “New Work”


1987   Ellin Baker Gallery, Phialdelphia, “Change of Season”


1884   Philadelphia Art Alliance


1983   Landsman Gallery, Cherry Hill, NJ


   1980 & 81   PAFA Museum Shop Gallery


          1980   Moore College of Art; Painting Department Gallery


          1974   Vancouver Arts Club, Vancouver, BC Canada






1989 – 2001 Private Studio Exhibitions



          2001   Spring Cleaning Exhibit and Sale


          1996   Valerie Black portrait unveiling and opening of Studio @ 604


          1993   Flesh & Blood, Threshold Series & Wax Works Exhibits


          1992   Small Paintings: Sumac Series


          1990   Bell-Brann portrait unveiling & Plaster Relief Florals


          1989   New Garden Paintings








Education:              Moore College of Art & Design: Degree: BFA, 1971


Membership: DaVinci Art Alliance: Board of Directors, 1999 - 2003